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Hello there, 


I can't wait to meet you!

Your experience starts online with booking your desired services!  The "New Guest" category allots the appropriate time for a thorough consultation and services of your choice.  Once you submit your appointment request, I'll double check that the date, time, and service makes the most sense for your hair needs, and we will make it a date!

On the day of your appointment,  you'll know you are at right spot when you see the big "Salon Concepts" sign out front. We have a large parking lot with plenty of spots. Once you arrive, you will need to text me (part of our COVID-19 protocol) so I can greet you at the front door and escort you to my suite. You will receive more detailed information about this in your appointment confirmation messages.    

Once we make our way to my suite, we will sit down and have a chat about your hair. Here, we will discuss not only the details of your first visit, but also a long-term plan to ensure all of your hair goals are met. 


If you're here for color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in my system so that it's always ready and waiting at each visit.  


I have Wi-Fi, sparkling water, delicious seasonal beverages, snacks, phone chargers, a fabulous massage chair and more to keep you comfortable as your color processes. 

We will finish our service by styling, and of course, the Instagram photoshoot. I will recommend at home styling care to recreate and maintain your look at home, and we will set you up for your next maintenance appointment.

New Guest Services


Please review the services below, then click the "Book Now" button to submit your appointment request. If you're still unsure of what services to book, click below to submit your new guest color consultation form. If you feel you need more details on booking or the services I offer, you are welcome to book an in-person consultation as well. Please feel free to email me here if you have any questions or trouble requesting your appointment. 

*Prices are subject to change*


As a new client, we'll require extra time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create the hair of your dreams!


After the initial service, your maintenance services will be at my regular color prices. Maintenance appointment pricing applies to clients who receive services every 1-8 months. For clients wishing to go 9 months or longer, no problem, but you will need to select a new client block at the time of rebooking to ensure we have ample time to reconnect and revamp your look.

Pricing is broken down into different time blocks to eliminate the confusion of figuring out what service or look to book. The more time booked, the more we can achieve in one session! 

Ready for the hair of your dreams?

New Guest Block 1: $175 +

This block of time is best if you need just a root touch-up.  Includes a haircut, gloss, conditioning treatment and blow dry style.

(2 hour + 15 minute service)

New Guest Block 2: $215+

This service is best for root touch-up with foils, partial foil, or all over color. Includes a haircut, gloss, conditioning treatment and blow dry style. 

(2 hour + 45 minute service)

New Guest Block 3: $250+

This block of time is best if you are looking for anything balayage, babylights and/or shadow root, as well as a full head foil.  Includes a haircut, gloss, conditioning treatment and blow dry style.  

(3 hour + 15 minute service)

Transformative Color: starting at $175+

Transformative color is dedicated to a significant change, intricate color techniques, or hair goals requiring multiple processes.   You will need to come in for a full consultation to determine next steps, price, and length of time for your service.

Still not sure what services to book?

Any Questions? 

Have any questions? Contact me here and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Thanks for submitting!

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